Economical, sun lamp available with both UVB or UVC bulb. You may use both bulbs to see which one works better for your topical skin issue. Sunshine therapy thats small & lite enough enough to travel. Hang at different heights for inexpensive full body treatment. One of our best selling  light therapy unit for Vitamin D assimilation. Treats multiple skin problems. UV exposure is an essential nutrient for good health.

Benefits include:
• Vitamin D
• Reduce Cholesterol

• Acne - Blemishes
• Herpes Simplex - Shingles
• Acne - Blemishes
• Osteoporosis

• Anti Depression, SAD
• Vitiligo - Leucoderma
• Colds - Flu
• Psoriasis

• All light therapy products ship complete
• Cool bulb operation with ample vents
• Wide-band bulb for shorter exposure times
• Silent electronic ballast, long life
• Commercial grade, steel construction
• Easy read, large text instructions
• Replacement parts available if needed
• Friendly tech support always available
• Simple operation, tactile on off switch
• Functional accessories available

UVC lamps have a 30 seconds starting exposure, very strong.
UVB is 307 to 311nm. 0% UVA/ 12% UVB output.
UVB lamps have a 2 minutes starting exposure, strong.
About 4000iu+ Vitamin D per session.

Standard color is white.
Size 18 "L x 3"W x 3.5"D. 457 x 70 x 95mm.
For full explanation of any options—click on the "accessories" category above.
Previous names: skinlight, S18B, S18C, S21.

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D Therapy B15

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