Lite tanning sun lamps with 2 premium bulbs for smooth color. Gives a beautiful natural lite tan, called morning sun. Provides vitamin D and all the additional benefits of soft UV exposure. Designed for hand holding, wall, door, or board mount. Takes less space than full size tanning units. With multiple heights can be used for full body Sunshine therapy. Used next to skin to 1 inch away. UV exposure is an essential nutrient for good health. Increases energy (chi) for many internal organs. 

• 2x to 4x stronger than winter sun
• Gives skin that natural glow
• Starting time is 4 minutes at 1/2 inch
• 95% UVA/ 5% UVB, tanning, mild
• Natures makeup
80 watts of lite tanning power
• Size 18 inches long, 4" wide, 5" deep

• 10 year product life*
• Ships complete with instructions

• Silent electronic ballast
• Cool operation
• Friendly tech support
Made in USA with solar power
Steel grade construction

Partial benefits:
Vitamin D


Reduced Cholesterol
Herpes Simplex - Shingles

Acne - Blemishes

Anti Depression, SAD

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Made in USA with solar power.
* excludes bulbs

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Lite Tan 80

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