One of our best sellers for uv therapy. UVB sun lamp with reflector and 2 lamps complete, effect is a 4 lamp unit. Considered a non tanning unit.

Compact two lamp unit with reflector (shortens exposure time) doubles UVB output. This unit has the most power for its size. Designed for wall, door, board mount. Resolves multiple topical skin problems.

Hang at different heights for inexpensive full body treatment.

This unit has a 1 minute starting exposure.
Recommended for vitiligo, vitamin D, lite bronzing.

Use with UVB lamps only. Size 18 L x 10 W x 5 D. 2x 15w lamps. 307 to 311nm. 0% UVA/ 13% UVB approximate.
See accessories page for eye protection and other mounting features.

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UVB 18 Reflector

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