An air purifier to keep you healthy and your interior free from mold, mildew and odor.

For storm cleanup and water damaged spaces. Controls the spread of virus or bacteria that cause disease.

Pure Air air and surface treatment produces a fresh interior scent. Gets rid of mold mildew, stale or offensive and toxic odors. Collects and dehydrates flying and crawling bugs (by the light) so you can vacuum them up. Also chases away rodents as they hate UV light and ozone.

As global warming continues, temperatures rise above the critical 68°F causing bacteria and molds to form much faster than before.

Sanitizes both air and surfaces, kills bed bugs. Reduces your ability to catch flu or colds.
Controls air borne molds, including deadly black molds, common mildew, unpleasant smell. May help allergies, asthma sufferers (upper respiratory symptoms).

Use UV Ozone generator (O3) for areas were mold, mildew and odors are recurring. Provides the most health and environment improvement when trace ozone is used.
Ozone is beneficial for mold mildew shock treatment.
Trace ozone is breathable and may benefit people with breathing problems due to to mold and mildew issues.

Use UV only where occasional odor, scents or smells are an problem. Not for strong mold and mildew conditions. Good for overly sensitive or sick persons health improvement, and my not tolerate ozone.

High humidity climates always have increased mold, mildew, virus and bacteria. Areas with high volume pedestrian traffic, airports, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, social clubs, schools, offices etc. increase the spread of viruses and bacteria by breath and touch. This is how the common cold, flu or current bug gets around.

Trace ozone can be delivered to remote rooms via ducting, fans. Trace ozone is safe to breathe and small amounts are recommended to prevent publicly transmitted diseases like colds, flu and other air borne bacteria and viruses.

A bleach study showed that indoor air concentrations significantly increase (8-52 times for chloroform and 1-1170 times for carbon tetrachloride, respectively, above baseline quantities in the household) during the use of bleach containing products. The increase in chlorinated volatile organic compound concentrations was the lowest for plain bleach and the highest for the products in the form of “thick liquid and gel”. The significant increases observed in indoor air concentrations of several chlorinated VOCs (especially carbon tetrachloride and chloroform) indicate that the bleach use may be a source that could be important in terms of inhalation exposure to these compounds. Using bleach cleaning products may significantly increase the cancer risk.

Jungle tested near MT. Wai’ale’ale Kauai Hawaii. The wettest place on earth. Made in USA.
Rental units available. Recommended sizing is in Cubic Feet. CF are measured as follows: length x width x height = cubic feet.

The strength of Pure Air is 100 times stronger than the suns rays so a small unit can have a large effect. Works in any indoor space and on all surfaces.
Reduces transmission of H1N1, H5N1, H3N2 and other pandemic diseases.

Pure Air has also been sold as UV Air Light and 1 Clean Space. If you need replacement parts or lamps we can service those units.
Same technology used worldwide for water treatment plants.

Designs, specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

Pure Air 14 Ozone Guard

Pure Air 14 Ozone Guard

Popular single lamp unit. Can be used in environment with people, pets and plants. Compact unit fo..


Pure Air 28 Ozone Guard

Pure Air 28 Ozone Guard

Powerful two lamp unit. Can be used in all indoor environment, with people, pets and plants. Strong ..


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