Terms/ Returns

All UV or UV Ozone products require caution when in use. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Key/ lock available. You must READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. Don't guess and be safe. We offer free tech support for all our products.

Pure Air requires caution when used around people, animals or plants. Instructions provide complete detail.

We have sold 10s of thousands units without an issue, and people are very happy with our products. Thank you for reading our instructions and/or contacting tech support. We love happy customers.

Notice: Use of the UV Skin Light for any method other than noted in the instructions is not recommended. Light Years 2 assumes no liability or responsibility for misuse or misapplication of this product. etal.

Privacy Policy: No sharing of emails or other information.

    Contact us first for a refund. If you complain through your credit card issuer funds my be held for a longer period by them.

    3 to 5 business days required for refund to show in your account on debit cards.

    Products warranted parts (excluding lamps) and labor for TWO YEARS from date of purchase. Fixture life is around 10 years with proper use.

    20% restocking charge an all opened returns. We have to repack, paint, clean—etc.

    10% restocking charge on all unopened returns for non defective merchandise.

    Exchanges, no problem, no restock charge. Shipping not included.

    Rebuild-able green product. Long life components.

    All components are available for replacement.

    Sometimes we use recycled packing materials and boxes.

    Product designs, specifications (improvements) and prices subject to change without notice.

    Any rattle you hear in UV bulbs is normal.

    We test all products before shipping. Occasionally shipping damage may occur.

    Contact tech support at sales@uvsunlamps.com or 520 255 5188

    Return for service to address below. Please include note of problem.
    No RMA required. However send us a text or email notifying us of return.

    uvsunlamps/ lightyears2
    Box 4266
    1116 S Naco Hwy
    Bisbee AZ 85603