About Us

Our light therapy line has grown from customer requests and new product designs.
All numbers in the product code refer to wattage of a unit.  Wattage alone is not applicable in comparison or strength of other brands.

If you need help with product selection—please do contact us for tech support.
We are experts on all lighting therapy products we sell.
More light therapy products available than shown on our site. Please inquire.
If you've found us through a wiki or other page link, your at the right place.

For professional or home use.

Offering health and wellness products using light therapy — online since 2000.

Starting sometime around 2000 we starting selling D Therapy, vitamin D
online and in person. Well things grew a little bit and in mid 2017 we had to have a new mobile friendly site to market our lighting therapy products better.

During my time in Hawaii, customers wanted something to help with mold and mildew, so Pure Air was born. Very effective at preventing and controlling viruses, molds, mildew and odors. Also has health advantages for people sensitive to mold.

Our recent addition is red light therapy, Rejuvinessence therapy for collagen enhancement and pain management. You'll find this works wonders for younger looking skin.

We manufacture everything from solar power.

We sell globally and provide multiple shipping options
Customized products available.

All light therapy products have a life expectancy of 10 years or more.
Thanks in advance for purchasing our handmade quality products.

Please leave a review about 30 to 60 days after you have used any of our products. Most people are interested in your application and results of our light therapy products.

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